About Us

“The sweetest gifts are unexpected and arrive in surprising ways.”
– Dana Simson, in Rainbow Days Sparkle Storytime

Robyn Waxman, lead dog at itty bitty one way street, fancies herself an actress, business entrepreneur, therapist, teacher, and let’s not forget- a designer and illustrator.

Coming from a family of art and computer teachers, Robyn never meant to pursue the life of an educator. Instead, she spent several years cultivating the fine art of rebellion. Once she realized her rebellious years were complete, Robyn woke up to find herself a teacher –  helping others to celebrate their own rebelliousness. It all comes full circle, doesn’t it?

Creativity and curiosity was always a part of Robyn’s life and visual design is a great medium to explore these very satisfying characteristics.  Having the opportunity to teach design is the like having your own talk show! Robyn is still amused that the students actually take notes and sometimes teaching even pays the bills.

Robyn also creates graphic design, illustration, and Web design experiences for those wishing to promote their causes and purposes for existence.

Robyn lives in Northern California with her husband, daughter, and full-bred mutt named Flour.

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