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Ham Landscape  

Analogy Illustrations
I love farm animals & interesting, thought-provoking juxtapositions.

I stumbled upon this vision while driving West on I-80 from Davis to San Francisco at 6pm.

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Chalk It Up!
This was a collaboration with 4 other designers/artists from the Sacramento Art Director's and Artist's Club.

Chalk It Up! to Sacramento is a nonprofit organization created to benefit children's arts education and art activities. Check out their Website:

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The Missing Student Project, political art installation
We purchased two plaster models for message making about the California Government's decision to increase tuition at colleges. Each model represents 20,000 students who were unable to return to class, once tuition was more than doubled in only two semesters.
This was a collaboration with 6 of Robyn's past students- a symbol of success at community college.

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