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communication Design

FARM Project

Communication Arts Design Annual
✦ AIGA (Re)Design Awards, First Place—Social Responsibility
✦ Featured in several books, magazines, blogs, and newspapers (SF MOMA blog, Just Design, Call to Action, Ethics- A Graphic Designer’s Field Guide)

FARM Publication spread

Rethinking Protest: Using human-centered design, I searched for what drives the next generation to make social change, how are they comfortable protesting, and could “protest” be part of their lexicon?

–How might we design a “protest” that respects the social nuances of the next generation, in an effort to make change locally?

The findings led to a reclaiming toxic, public land on Hooper Street, adjacent to California College of the Arts. The “protest” included bioremediation and food production for anyone in need.

The images here are ways in which I engaged the audience to participate in a new “productive protest”.

before and after

Timeline of Hooper Street Farm (before, during, after)

Farm Publication spread
Farm Publication spread
Farm Publication spread

Above: Spreads from publication, featuring
1. Mateo— a man who waited for work each day on Hooper Street. He helped build the farm.
2. Sophia— a 6 year old who thought we were making beds for the homeless (garden beds)
3. Call to action

Projected Interactive Poster at CCA

Above: (Event promotion) Digital, participatory poster designed by texting answers to a series of questions about food insecurity. A database retrieved the answers and revealed them on top of each other for 24 hours, at which time the poster would reset. The design was projected onto an outside wall at California College of the Arts, above the future site of the urban farm.

Participatory Poster
Participatory Poster

Above: Print, participatory posters (event promotion) designed by drawing directly on the poster with nearby pencil.

Advanced Transportation Technology Poster Series

✦ Sacramento Ad Club, Gold

Reappropriating the romaticism of the 1920’s travel posters, these large posters increased exposure and enrollment for the Advanced Transportation Technology Program at Sacramento City College. 

Motorcycle Illustration
Railroad Tech

Looking through Holes

Personal Project: hand-bound French-fold book documenting a experimental photographic experience. Using the camera’s shutter as a hole by which to see more holes in a 4″ paper model I made, I explored light and scale. This project started when I was a student of Martin Venezsky at California College of the Arts. Given only a string of cheap, fake pearls, I was to explore form through photography. An iterative process with photography led me to book design using some of photos in my exploration.

    photo and layout by Robyn Waxman
    photo and layout by Robyn Waxman

    Los Rios College Federation of Teachers

    ✦ California Federation of Teachers (CFT) Communications Awards, First Place—Best Original Art

    ✦ CFT Communications Awards, First Place—Best Use of Graphics

    ✦ CFT Communications Awards, First Place—Best Original Art

    Posters for demonstrations.

    Education not Deportation
    The Oceans are Rising
    Chavez Poster with Chris Seddon

    Commodity Fetishism

    Personal Project: stop motion video with typography. We want the magic of having things. Commodities excite us for a short time, oblivious of who labored to make it, under what conditions, and where. All of the energy we pour into having things does not connect us to others or provide joy in the short time we have.

      Creative Direction

      Siskiyou County Arts Council Rebrand

      SCAC Homepage
      SCAC swag

      Above: Sketch Book Swag.

      SCAC Brandguide Cover
      SCAC Brand Guide

      Above: Brand Guide 

      Flagship Design STudio Branding

      Flagship Design Studio Homepage
      Flagship Design Studio Page

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